FAQ | Tips & Tricks

How do I access my files to download?

Once payment clears your download will be available. You will also receive an email with a link to download the file.  Please save the email for future references if you need to re-download the file.  

Refunds & Exchanges?

There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES allowed on Digital items. Please be aware of what you are purchasing prior to checkout.  Nothing will be mailed and this is NOT a finished product.
This is a digital file that is to be used with a cutting machine, sublimation machine, etc. For Example: Cricut and Silhouette machines are capable of using the SVG, PNG, EPS and DXF files. It is YOUR responsibility to know what file format YOUR machine uses.

What format do I need?

CRICUT USERS: typically you will always use the SVG format. If you are using Google, it might say chrome html doc and have the google logo. That is still the .svg format and the one you need to choose. So download the zipped folder >Extract files> Start new project> Find the folder you extracted and choose the .svg format. That’s it! 

 SILHOUETTE USERS: the format you will need will depend on which version of Studio you are using. 

If you have the basic studio (FREE Version) you will need to use the DXF file. Follow these steps! Download zipfolder> Extract files> Open Studio> FILE> OPEN> find the files you just extracted and choose the DXF format. The design is completely SEPARATED and ready to cut. You do NOT need to trace it. 

If you have Design Edition (PAID SOFTWARE) you will need to use the SVG file. Follow the directions above for the free software only choose the SVG format instead.

Can I use your designs to make items to sell? What about Transfers?

The SVG files come with a small commercial use license, of course I want you to make stuff and sell stuff! BUT there has to be some rules.

MAX of 100 pieces allowed, NO mass producing. You can create up to 100 finished pieces (shirts, cups, bags, etc.)
NO sharing, trading, selling, or giving away any files
ALL items must be made by you, NO 3rd party printing.
NO Print On Demand services including but not limited to: Zazzle, amazon Merch, Printful
I don’t allow digitizing of my SVG designs for embroidery. 

*I do allow transfers but please contact me at kari@khaotikkreations.com to discuss the license I have available.*

What about your mockup pictures? Can I use them to gauge interest?

Absolutely! I understand that you can’t possibly make sample shirts for EVERY design. You are welcome to use my sample pictures. You MUST leave my watermark and logos intact and visible.

Why MUST we watermark EVERYTHING?

I know I get it and I am not a fan of watermarking either. It is an extra step, it doesn't look professional and personally I would prefer if everyone in this world was honest and didn’t feel the need to copy. Until that day comes everything needs to be watermarked, please.